The Full Kit

The Full Kit


The Intelligent Pelican travel kit is a tried and tested collection of 6 essential items for gap year travellers, backpackers and festival goers. We’ve created a stylish and practical way to improve your travelling experience.

We’ve developed the comfort, durability and security aspects of each item for unwavering performance. With the finest quality materials and technical design, the Intelligent Pelican survival kit is lightweight (only 990g), durable and ethically manufactured.

Each of the 6 items is supplied in a rip-stop silk bag for easy storage. You will also receive a superb rip-stop silk water resistant drawstring bag to put all the products in.


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    What's inside?

    Universal Plug

    When you’re hopping from one continent to another, it seems crazy to have to drag round a collection of travel adaptors. Intelligent Pelican have the answer; a sleek, compact and lightweight universal adaptor, with four different international plugs for use in over 150 countries. Oh and we’ve ticked the eco-box too, as our universal adaptor is made using environmentally friendly plastic.
    It is also equipped with 2 USB outlets which will allow two devices to be charged at the same time.


    With the Intelligent Pelican charger, you’ll never run out of power. The 6 hour external charger can maintain your mobile, Mp3, camera and even your iPad anywhere, anytime. With two USB outlets, it is lightweight, compact and totally portable for grab-and-go convenience. You can’t plan every moment of your journey but the Intelligent Pelican charger prepares you for the unpredictable.

    Sleeping bag liner

    This is pure heaven when you are faced with dodgy sheets in a hostel or just need some extra warmth in your sleeping bag. It is made from 100% rip-stop silk and is double stitched. It is 2m10 long and has an integrated pillow case. Not only that but it is treated to protect you from bacteria, bedbugs and mosquitoes.

    Padlock and cable

    If you are on an overnight train, in a dormitory or just need to secure your rucksack to something solide this is the product for you.
    The cable is 1.5 metre 4mm steel and covered in orange protective plastic coating. The lock is a 4 digit combination lock and is integrated into the cable so you wont lose either.

    Travel Towel

    This towel folds down to the size of a paperback but unfolds to the size of a bath-towel. It is very absorbent and quick drying as well as being treated for bacteria protection.
    The 86 cm x 60cm. towel packs into a ventilated ripstop silk bag.


    Perfect for trekking, camping or whenever you find yourself in a powercut or out in the dark.
    The light is LED and has a 50 metre range wide and pinpoint.
    It has an adjustable elastic headband.
    The lamp flips down for reading and it runs on 3 AAA batteries.