How to sleep on a plane

You’re ready for a long haul flight and you are not turning left when you enter the plane. Going to sleep on a plane usually means waking up with a neck ache, legs turned to stone and staring into the eyes of your neighbour who have just leant on for the past 6 hours.

Here are a few tips on how to get some decent kip on your journey

1. Comfort is the key

Wear suitable clothes as close to pyjamas or a tracksuit as possible. No thick belts that dig into your side, shoes that were meant to be worn on a Saturday night out nor collared shirts that cut into your neck.

2. No, you can’t throw that screaming kid out at 34000 feet

Though you might want to. Your first reaction would be to put on a film and turn the volume to the max. Not a good idea as the light from the screen will keep you awake and very frustrated. The best is to listen to music or a radio program and you will soon be sleeping and dreamimg of the fate of that screamimg brat.

3. “Pleash Mish, anozzer glash of red”

Though a glass of red wine will help you drop off, too many will not do the trick and there is nothing worse than waking up in an airplane with a stinking hangover. However,  don’t forget to drink lots of water and don’t eat too many sugary foods as they act as a stimulant. Not good.

4. “Sorry

I didn’t mean to dribble all over you”

Finding the right position is always difficult. If you have a window seat a reclining seat, a cushion and the side of the plane to lean on is a good option. If you find yourself in the middle or outside seat, other than the reclining seat, a good option is to use the fold down tray and a cushion. It will give you a bit more space to spread out.

5. Accessories

There are some accessories which Economy does not provide which could be useful. Normally you will be provided with a blanket and cushion but if you equip yourself with earplugs, eyemask and a neck support cushion (you see this more and more often) your journey to slumber land will be easier

6. Not quite Karma Sutra

You can try some other positions like the “crab” where you turn sideways and hang your legs over the armrest. However, you are more likely to get your legs amputated by the over zealous trolley dolly. However keepan eye out for that elusive empty row of seats. If you find stretch out over the 3 seats making sure the bucklesdon’t leave you with difficult to explain bruises.

7. Last resort

You can always resort to medical solutions. Sleeping pills or non prescribed ‘sleep easy” solutions. Just be careful of the dosage as you might find yourself in a deep deep sleep while everyone has already left the plane.

8. Charged up devices

Don’t forget to take a good charger so you can never run out of charge when you’re listening to music

Mike McNeilage