11th Jun 2015 – posted by intelligentmike

Respecting Cultures : Be a Traveller not a Tourist

At first I was quite angry with this girl and her friends, but finding yourselves in this kind of situation is all part of the learning process which is so valuable on a gap year.
It is quite a common occurrence to ignore local culture without really thinking, though usually it …

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15th Apr 2014 – posted by intelligentmike

Message from Nepal

I wish to say how useful your reserve charging battery and adaptors have been yet again. I have been in the middle range of the Himalayas installing two computers and wifi in a Gutkha village Secondary School. The iPad battery failed at a critical moment and I needed instant power. …

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15th Oct 2013 – posted by intelligentmike

You know you’re a backpacker when …

There are all types of travellers who are out there discovering what the world has to offer. There are quite a few types of backpacker too from the dedicated alpinist to the gap year student taking time off before university to discover new countries, new cultures and new people. Then …

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26th Sep 2013 – posted by intelligentmike

Packing and travel tips for gap year and backpack travellers

Our Carly has put together a series of tips for gap year and backpacking travellers. From remembering to take some duct tape with you to carrying a decoy wallet; from buying a big enough micro-fibre towel to keeping your valuables in your sleeping bag (some even have special pockets for …

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25th Sep 2013 – posted by intelligentmike

Some weird,funny but could be useful Apps for Travellers

They seem useless, stupid, puerile and an insult to your intelligence but I defy anyone to say that they would not use one of these apps on their travels. Judge for yourselves.

Spin the bottle

Getting involved in drinking games on your travels is not unusual. This will come in handy.Play the …

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16th Sep 2013 – posted by intelligentmike

The World’s Weirdest Buildings

Travel the world and you will discover examples of people’s most fantastic imagination when it comes to the concept of buildings. We have uncovered a small selection of unusual architectural creations which we hope you will enjoy.


It located in Huainan City, China and was built in 2007, having been designed …

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29th Aug 2013 – posted by intelligentmike

We are best Friends …

photo credit: <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/24874528@N04/5254957677/”>Airwolfhound</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a> <a href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/”>cc</a>

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30th Jul 2013 – posted by intelligentmike

Intellipeli flies high over Europe

We took a bit of space out on the Easy Jet Magazine on a late deal that was on offer.

Much to our surprise we have had a great response and orders have come in from Italy, France and Germany.

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24th Jul 2013 – posted by intelligentmike

Intelligent Pelican are back from Glasto!

One of our travel kits made it to Glastonbury this year and we’ve got some brilliant shots to show you!

Teresa took one of our trusty kits with her and put it to very good use! She also suggested an idea for a ‘Festival Kit’ which would consist of just the …

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23rd Jul 2013 – posted by intelligentmike

Susannah and Sophie are back from their gap year

Susannah and Sophie have just returned from their gap year where, over 6 months, they have taken in countries like, Cuba, Columbia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and India. Not bad for a couple of nutty party loving girls. Anyway they each took an Intelligent …

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