How we came up with the idea for 6 essential gap year, festival and backpacking items in one travel kit.

Having spent 3 and a half months travelling the length of India with little more than a rucksack and a guidebook, we returned to England not only having had an experience of a lifetime but with an idea for gap year travellers.

Sleeping in £4.00 hostels, enduring 11 hour bus rides and surviving overnight train journeys we realised there were 6 essential items a gap year backpacker needs to make their journey safer and more comfortable no matter where his or her travels may take them. We also realised it was the perfect kit for the seasoned festival goer.

You can buy these items individually and there’s a massive choice out there, but nowhere will you find a backpacking travel kit that supplies you with the essential items you need in one bag!

After a great deal of research and fine-tuning, the Intelligent Pelican gap year and festival travel kit was created; 6 high quality, durable, lightweight and great value for money items in one bag.

Not only did we want to sell this backpackers’ travel kit exclusively through our website but we also wanted to provide in-depth information, useful lists, advice and articles on the experiences of backpacking for all ages.

There is also a blog which shares videos, photos and most of all the experiences lived by a host of like-minded people who believe that…

It’s about the experience not the challenge

Mike and Louise McNeilage