Universal Adapter Plug and 5 in 1 Charging Cable

It may look simple but this is such a useful “piece of kit” for all you world travellers.


The Universal Plug works in 150 countries from South America to Asia, America and Canada to Australia and New Zealand, not forgetting the whole of Europe.

There are also 2 USB outlets including a 2amp outlet allowing you to charge your devices quickly, safely and anywhere in the world.


The 5 in 1 cable includes leads for iPhone3 and 4, iPhone5 and 6 as well as the equivalent iPads. There is a lead with a mini USB for Kindle, Samsung, Sony, HTC and Blackberry. The 4th lead is perfect for SatNavs, GoPros, electronic cigarettes, electric toothbrushes, rechargeable lights and some digital cameras.


It all comes in a useful pouch so you are ready for any holiday situation.