Your gap year: Plan it right

That’s it, you’ve decided to make the break and get out there. You’ve finished school, left university or decided to take an extended break from work. Packing the rucksack is relatively simple. There are hundreds of lists on the web for that, but have you really thought about all the other aspects of your trip which will make sure you get the most out of your journey and do the utmost to cover for any mishaps, such as assuring your security, managing your finances, getting the right medical kit, looking for insurance or researching gap year programmes.

At Intelligent Pelican we don’t pretend to have all the answers as every journey is unique but we have gathered essential advice and information which will be of help and get you in the confident frame of mind.

We have researched sites which we think are the most comprehensive and also looked out for companies who we believe have some interesting products and services to offer. For example, The Absolute iD bracelet which carries your name, blood group and contact number or We who enable you to change currency around the world without having to pay commission.

You will find on intelligent a sound base to work from and rest assured we will continue to update this part of the site as we believe it is essential to getting the most out of your journey.