13th Jul 2017 – posted by intelligentmike

What to pack for your Career Break

So you’ve decided to take a career break or sabbatical and you’re going to go adventure travelling for a few months.

Up until now it has been two wheelie suitcases and the longest trek has been from the villa to the beach.

Now it’s 6 hour train journeys, cheap but clean hostels, …

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30th May 2017 – posted by intelligentmike

Taking a career break



By the time you embark on a career break, you have probably settled into a comfortable lifestyle. Transport is reliable (more or less), you sleep in the same bed every night, have a wide range of services at your fingertips, a large choice of clothes to wear, feel in control …

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10th May 2017 – posted by intelligentmike

Barter your way round the world

If you are travelling in places like India, Vietnam or South America, you will be confronted by market stall holders who will try and charge you the earth because you’re a “tourist”



Always enter into the bargaining with a smile. Be firm but polite. Do not get angry or …

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25th Apr 2017 – posted by intelligentmike

Be aware, be safe, have fun

Travelling to faraway places and cultures is the most enriching experience but sometimes can throw up situations where you find yourself “out of your comfort zone” or faced with a dangerous situation.

If you follow a set of behaviour patterns it will ensure you keep those potentially nasty encounters down to a …

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11th Apr 2017 – posted by intelligentmike

How to sleep on a plane

You’re ready for a long haul flight and you are not turning left when you enter the plane. Going to sleep on a plane usually means waking up with a neck ache, legs turned to stone and staring into the eyes of your neighbour who have just leant on for …

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10th Apr 2017 – posted by intelligentmike

Ten reasons why you should take a gap year

One of the most frequent questions that is asked when someone leaves school. “Gap year or uni after school?” or even if you’re not going to college or uni “Why take a gap year?”
You’ve just spent the last 8 years going to a place Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm being …

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11th Jun 2015 – posted by intelligentmike

Respecting Different Cultures : Be a Traveller not a Tourist

The amazing part of your gap year or backpacking travels is experiencing local culture at close hand. You will be buying and eating food off the street, sitting next to locals on the bus, reserving seats on local trains and just generally immersed in another way of life. There is …

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15th Apr 2014 – posted by intelligentmike

Message from Nepal

I wish to say how useful your reserve charging battery and adaptors have been yet again. I have been in the middle range of the Himalayas installing two computers and wifi in a Gutkha village Secondary School. The iPad battery failed at a critical moment and I needed instant power. …

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