The World Travel Charger Kit

Charge your mobile, mp3 or tablet no matter where you are in the world with this dual charger and universal adaptor. The external charger has enough power to boost a mobile (even an iPhone5) 3 times over, a tablet

or Kindle at least twice and when the charger  is out of juice, thanks to the universal adaptor, no matter where you are in the world,  it can be recharged in just a few hours.

The power pack sells for £54.95 (£30 less than its direct competitors)

You can’t plan every moment of your journey but the Intelligent Pelican charger and adaptor prepares you for the unpredictable!


What they say:

I can definitely endorse this product. It does exactly what the blur suggests. Brilliant present for any traveller who requires to charge iPad,phone, iPod at the same time with no access to electric power. I have now bought 3. One was received with the customary thank you. Followed a few weeks later by an email saying what a brilliant and inspired present. Having powered up the charger he was then able to access his emails etc while travelling in remote areas overseas. Not just for the 19 year gap traveller all ages will be impressed with this product while travelling without access to power sockets. Just remember to charge the charger!!!

Deidre Conan 2014



– Can be used in 150 countries

– 9 different charging connections (including iPhone5)

– 2 different speeds of charging

– 6 hours of charge which will power up a mobile 3 times over (a Tablet 2 times)

– Packed in a rip stop silk bag for easy storage and access

– The adaptor has 2 USB outlets for direct charging